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Use of rel=”nofollow” for SEO: How and Why?

Today, I’m going to summarize observations on technical ways to generate hyper links,  use of rel=”nofollow” on anchor tag, and it’s impact on SEO and sometimes even on user experience. What is rel=”nofollow”? Let’s start with a typical hyperlink which would look as follows: <a href=”url-goes-here” title=”describe-link-here”>Anchor-Text-Goes-Here</a> If we add a a value of “nofollow” [...]

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How Not To Be Found On Google – No SEO

Everyone has this question – How can I be found on Google, when they search for my name or my keywords? What if you don’t want to be found? Interesting question, right? There may be legitimate reasons that you may want to maintain a great website but want to stay low on Google radar. (Sounds [...]

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