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Google Analytics International Space Station April 1st Joke

Do you think folks at Google has way too much time on their hand? You would not think so, right? Check out on what’s found on Google Analytics today on Real Time Overview section – 41 visitors from International Space Station! Where? International Space Station!! Let’s see the breakdown on Google Analytics to see how [...]

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Custom Segments (Advanced Segments) in GA for Better Conversion Rate

If you have an eCommerce website, at some point, you must have thought about your conversion rate problem. You may or may not have traffic problem on your website, but everyone with eCommerce website has Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) problem. Even if you have 10% Conversion Rate, you can still help 90% of visitors convert better. [...]

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Google Analytics Event Tracking on Form Submission

Event Tracking in Google Analytics is a very useful way to analyze and monitor certain user behavior. What is Event Tracking? First thing first, certainly start with Google documentation on event tracking. Google does a great job explaining everything on their documentation. Basically, Event Tracking allows Internet Marketers to keep an eye on any mouse-click [...]

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