Twitter and Klout Score: Measuring Success on Social Media

How to measure success on Social Media?

One of the reasons, Social Media Marketing is “hard ” is because there is no easy way to measure success. It’s relatively easy to set-up KPI goals such as number of Likes, Followers, or even traffic and revenue to the website, however, to attribute social media impressions, likes and comments with actual revenue is far from easy. Attribution for that matter in digital marketing is still in its infancy altogether, and in case of Social Media marketing, barely existing.

However, that does not mean there is nothing measurable at all. Let’s take an example of Twitter and Klout Score, which has been around for years and continues to provide value in terms of measuring success in Twittersphere. Klout Score or Klout Rating is provided by Klout via its website, app, and plugins. Basically, Klout quantifies how “valuable” a user is between 1 and 100, based upon its overall social media analytics. Higher the value, bigger is the social influence and possibly only God can have 100 Klout score.

We can use, measure and monitor Klout Score​, as a single KPI that takes care of all other important KPIs. ​Klout for Twitter could be treated as what is Quality Score in Paid Campaigns, and DataCube Score in SEO using BrightEdge or SEO Visibility Score using SearchMetrics.​

Klout Score and what they mean?


Currently, just for fun, let’s take a look at few Klout Scores:

Influencers, I happen to follow:

  • ‏@ThisIsSethsBlog Seth Godin has Klout Score of 73
  • @GuyKawasaki (Guy Kawasaki) =  ‏  87
  • @Oprah (Oprah Winfrey) = 91
  • @uj2wal (My personal Twittter) has Klout Score of 37! Shame! Shame!! Pity!!! I surely would like to raise it to 50. 

House-hold Name Brands

  • Grainger = 58
  • Northern Tool = 65
  • Staples = 71
  • Jet Blue = 82
  • Best Buy = 89
  • Dell = 90 Dell is one of the few companies to use Twitter very well for business.


  • @Pontifex (Pope Francis) has Klout Score of 88.
  • @karyperry = 92  She has the largest twitter followers, at this point.
  • ‏@BarackObama = 99 Note, Barack Obama has less followers than @KaryPerry, however, has higher Klout Score.
  • @YouTube = 99, Why not 100 here, I wonder.
  • @cnn = 99

Klout Score Monitoring for Twitter Success

Based upon the activity, followers, followings, retweets, shares, likes and unfollows etc, the overall KPI of Klout Score is always fluctuating. Justin Bieber used to have the coolest 100 Klout Score at one point in time, now he is in high 80s. Point is this – Klout Score is one simple measuring yard of success on Twitter and by monitoring it over few months time-frame where we can judge the quality of our interaction.

Keyword here is quality-of-interaction, not just flood of followers. As the quality of our interactions will increase, so will the Klout score.

Happy Tweeting! and Make sure to retweet this blog post! or simply copy/paste below and tweet away. Klout score = 50, yay!

.@uj2wal, Klout for Twitter is what’s Quality Score in Paid Campaigns, and DataCube Score in SEO (BrightEdge)

About Ujjwal Bhattarai

Ujjwal is an engineer by education, a programmer by hobby, and an internet marketer by choice. Other than 1 minute chess, and biking, his passion includes SEO, SEM/PPC, CRO, and Web Development. As a lifelong student of Internet Development, he is hopelessly addicted to Internet, and sincerely believes after fire, wheel, and decimal point, internet is the fourth most important invention in the human history. Catch up with him on Twitter at @uj2wal or at his Google+ .

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