Social Content Distribution for SEO with Marty Weintraub

Live Blog from #SMX on Social Content Distribution for SEO

Marty Weintraub is Founder & Evangelist of aimClear®

Marty Weintraub


September 30 2013, New York

Introduction started by Marty Weintraub from aimClearBlog. He says Social is the new way of link building. Now, he is going into details of KPIs and costs with focus on

- external traffic
- in-channel traffic
- hybrid / blended model with traffic targetted to Facebook, Blog or landing pages
- what is a sale, anyway define for your purpose

9:08 AM
Marketing never changes. Delivery changes. There has been bad news for SEO recently. Ironically, he mentions the word “sponsored” on Google PLA ad must be the only place there is on the heatmap where they make sure no one looks. It certainly looks barely promotional. Same on Facebook, it’s just hard if not impossible to tell organic from paid. Same on Twitter. This is possibly done by looking at the heatmap for cool areas (i.e. negative hot areas). Organic and Social is never going to be free.

9:10 AM
Dealing with negative feedbacks on Social Medai
The reason you get negative feedback (from trolls) is because you NOT using the right content. Don’t market products only, push appropriate content.

9:15 AM
Enter Paid-Organic Amplification
- FB PPA Page Post Ads
- and much more

Tiered Content “Success Events” > offering signups within blogs

9:17 AM
Blog Visits and Success Events
- Amplify content that performs organically
- Define your goals and work toward improving those goals

- Reach, Viral Reach
- Amplified Reach: KPIs = Ad Reach, Freq, Clicks, CTR, Avg CPC, Total Spent, Cost per Action etc.

9:30 AM

Building content just for the link is not going to work. Try to solve the business need or a business problem, and then see if it can generate any links.

Talking about his book:  The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide

9:47 AM – 10:05 AM
Snack Break

10:05 AM
Links we always need, SEO and friendship always matter, however really matters is the traffic, and revenue.

Marketing has not really changed; what has changed is the distribution. And that’s where the content comes in.

Facebook segmentation is mostly based upon 2 words – AND and/or OR. :) NOT is coming soon.

How to build successful Blogs by connecting with friends.

- Make your blogs fun. How? Sometimes silly pictures of business friends help. Good images like used in AimClear’s recent blog with the “big tent”.
- Stay true to your main intent: Headline and Body-copy. Use top left for most important things.

Here Marty is going to show how to make a blog engaging. He is coming up with a title about his blog and the thought process.

#SMX! Tweet To Win A Tricked-Out Tent if your Pic is Lucky
Hey #SMX! Tweet Could Win A Tricked-Out Tent
Hey #SMX New York! Tweet Could Win A Tricked-Out Tent
Hey #SMX NYC! Tweet Could Win A Tricked-Out Tent

Discussing with someone else is a good idea in this process, says Marty.

What is important in a blog?

- Title tag: Keyword rich and appropriate length (for SEO)
- Meta Desc: (for SEO)
Concepts for Meta Desc being discussed …
Step 1: ____, Step 2: _____
This is what came out after 5 min discussion in the room:
Step 1: Enter Tent, 2: Tweet Creative Pic, Step 3: Conquer This Contest!

- Blog Headline: Could be a little bit longer than the SEO title tag.
- Image and OpenGraph

The blog is now published …. and the whole nine yards follows:
- Twitter post is created. UTM tracking can be added.
- On Twitter, you can include other people.
- While on Twitter, you can also do the promoted tweets as well.
- Facebook: Next, you can post it on your wall on the Facebook.
- Facebook Ads: A standard UI can be used or the Power Editor from Facebook. Some companies may have APIs that allow automation. For example, now FB does not allow day-parting (AdWords style) from the UI, however, those might be available from API method. Mostly for Facebook (Campaign >  Ad-Groups > Ads).
Facebook Power Editor comes in Chrome add-on as well as in Mozilla add-on.
- For targeting, Power Editor is much better than UI, specially if you need to run multiple campaigns, duplicate campaigns etc.

For promoted FB post, 25 characters.
SMX! Tweet to Win Tent! – 23 characters

Final wall-post looks like this:
Step 1: Enter Tent, Step 2: Tweet Creative Pic, Step 3: Conquer this Contest!
SMX! Tweet to Win Tent! – 23 characters
aimClear is back in the New York groove ast SMX

Image > 1200px x 627px is the best ratio for FB. This is important for Open Graph.
Minimum is 560 x 292.  Note the Aspect Ratio.
Playing with image editing on Fireworks > aimClear Logo, SMX logo … Hue/Saturation/Brightness etc
Tip: Tell designers not to be afraid to play with colors etc to make it stand out against blue-white theme of Facebook.
Next step: On your personal Facebook page, share the post after changing changing the text/message.

11.20 AM
Note: Pay attention to words like “contests”, “drawing” and legal issues around it by country, state, etc. Make sure legal knows about it.

- Brand voice and tone is important on what type of content you are going to publish. Always keep that in mind.

Promoted Facebook Posts (By Merry M.)

- Start by going to
- Create the ad
- Go to Admin page of the Facebook account and to to promote page
- Make sure not all your posts are sponsored.
- Things to keep in mind: Ad placement (News feed, Right Column), URL tags
- News Feed vs Right Column: Competition is more so in News Feed.
- “Hide” comments or “Delete” comments? What’s right and what’s wrong? Can you post policies – no hate messages etc.
- Pay attention to Precise Interests: (OR), for example:

Search Marketing Expo = 5,400
Search Engine Strategies = {look for Reach}
Danny Sullivan
Search Engine Land
Search Engine Watch
With this, now you may total of 62,000 reach.

- Similarly, you can select you target countries: USA, Canada, UK, Australia … etc.

-Broad Categories:
Here is the AND and select “Small Business” from Business Technology

- Interested: Men | Women

- Relationship: ALL | Single |

- Next step: CPC

- Advanced Price:

- Bid High (not low). Dominate
- CPC > Manual bid > crank up the bid.

Change the name of the campaign from default to custom


Tip: Set up ads in multiple buckets … could be 5 could be 20 as needed as each segment would need different ad messages:
- SMX groups
- Customers
- Media
- Competition

Power Editor Mode

- Now, duplicate the ad and create the submit.
- Nothing gets published until UPLOAD button is hit.
- Add companies directly
- e.g. Siements(80), Victaulic, 3M (100), Target (Total = 2,200), Wall Street, Magazine A, Forbes
- Watch for the “Estimated Reach” and hit upload.
- For images, it may be useful to look for creative commons for images.


Retargeting Facebook
- FBX (Follow them in Facebook)


 12:00 – 1:00 PM

1:10 PM
How what’s done on Social impact Link Building?

- Go to Open Site Explorer and check what’s new links being acquired
- You can filter by Follow only and Internal/External links sorted by Domain Authority



Need to keep in mind:
1) Generate content for customers.
2) Distribute content for links.
3) Use Content for landing pages.
4) Here is the kicker – in the social arena, even the organic ones are not free. Now, you have to pay for organic links via social channels. And that’s a trend, that’s going to continue.
5) Distribute content to generate the links via Facebook (Organic and Paid), via Twitter(Organic and Paid) and LinkedIn(again Organic and Paid). :)


1.30 PM
How Link-Building Amplification different from Targeting Customers?
Link Building Amplification is for new (and existing) visitors from Facebook. Targeting Customers is mostly for folks who already know about the company. Amplification is to generate new fans, add few people to the funnel.

Social Enhancing Twitter (Content Amplification)
You can “Promote your Tweets” or “Promote your Account”

1) Compose the Tweet, Add the tracking, shorten the url
Select the tweet, geography, enter the keywords (or phrases) that you want to target
3) Set Budget (must set amount, as this amount will not be exceeded). Same on daily limits (resets at midnight)
4) Standard vs. Accelerated targeting method (like in AdWords)
5) Bid below recommended amount and increase slightly up by keeping and eye on it.
6) Launch Campaign

Now, for better targeting, set-up a different campaign by interest and followers. Previous was by keywords.
1) Target your followers
2) Target your competition.
3) Basically repeat this process for all segmentation and adjust your bids and all other parameters as needed.

2:00 PM
Data on Facebook ads and Twitter are flowing in. Analyzing data.
There is tons of data to look at from organic as well as paid perspective.

2.45 PM
Merry Morud is going through her presentation.

Tip: List of  Interests  > Keep track of all the breakdowns of Facebook interests.

Why I fell in <3 with Facebook Ads:
- Seriously deep targeting (Psycho-graphics) including negative sentiment.
- Time sepnt on site = millions of branding impressions
- Psychographcis
- Job Titles

- Even B2B, there are no boring products, only boring marketers.
- B2B is B2C – Never Truly off-duty
- Personal Modeling (By demographics, job title, age, sex, location, interests).
- Find list of magazines / publications
- Wikipedia – check Circulation section to find magazine
- Loyalty clubs / Rewards programs
- Alpha-Stemming: Keyword A + B, B+ A: Who live in ___ age > ___ like __, __ and ___. Also look for Education level, Work place, Relationship Status. Probably most important one is what they like – people who like ___, and ___ and ___ but not ___.
- Organic Community Analysis in Excel based upon what you think you have built your community
- only people connected to ___
- Community Density Analysis (using Precise Interests) …. This could be an eye-opening data collected from Facebook UI.
- Facebook community Analysis might look like [Total population | 2nd degree friends | 1st degree friends]
- Precise Interest > Manager {space} ….
> Supervisors {space} …
> collect titles as such
- Use OneLook Dictionary Search in addition of Wikipedia, and Google
- Facebook Broad Categories
- Facebook Custom Audiences
- Email, phone  …. (did not get what Mary was talking about here)
- Look a like audience ….  (did not get what Mary was talking about here)
- Datalogix, Acxiom (was Epsilon) …. lots of sources of data.


Questions to think about:
1) Is Facebook ad a SEO link?
2) Can Google discount Facebook mentions while they count their own Google+ signals?
3) Attributable Conversion from Social
4) Can we start with number of impressions and work backward to get to the desired budget, assuming you can establish the KPIs in-between?


4.33 PM
Looking at some stats from Facebook and Twitter.
- aimClear had paid Facebook ad – about 1,300+ impressions
- aimclear had a tweet from uj2wal - about 800 impressions
- aimClear also had a cartoon built which got into Facebook - about 700 impressions

Going to Questions and Answers session …


Great Session overall. :) Thanks everyone for tweets, retweets and shares.

While on #SMX with @aimClear, Facebook announced launch of searching posts and status updates within graph search.

That tells the full story on how fluid this industry is.  And thanks #SMX.

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