Future of Online Marketing – 2013 Trends In Digital Marketing

Where is online marketing going in 2013?
If you are a owner of a small business with online marketing, or a CEO of a company doing eCommerce, you certainly care about online marketing trends of 2013. Time to time, you must be reviewing ongoing and future trends on various components of online marketing such as SEO, PPC, Content Generation and Content Marketing (via Blogs/RSS etc.), and Social media, so that your goals and strategies align with the new digital marketing trends.

Presented are some of the 2013 online trends indicating the future of online marketing:
Web Design Trends for 2013
- Responsive Design is the future, given so many screen resolutions. Bing is positioning itself not to support m.site domains. This is an additional evidence pointing to strong responsive design trend for web development. Make sure Responsive Design makes sense for your business.
- Everyone is moving to HTML5 and CSS3 from xHTML and CSS.
- Using micro data will help provide a stronger semantic mark up for a search engine. Reviews, events, specials, videos etc.
- Site Speed influences Rankings, UX and conversion. Wow, is that a surprise?
- Flash is officially dead.
SEO and Future of Ranking
- Personalization and Localization is making ranking less relevant. Traffic is what really matters in SEO. Well, plug in conversion data, and then what really matters is the revenue. So SEO would be directly related to revenue.
- Search is still really “basic” right now, the future of search will get better at indexing image, video and voice recognition. Schema/MetaData will begin to change that. LSI is on rise but not there yet.
- Need to claim Authorship:  Changes are on the horizon. One of the recent game changers is Google Authorship. Now, the price of being anonymous is huge. Get out and earn that authorship and authority with Google+.
- Need to start using Schema
- Social signals are used as a validation technique but content and links still drive the rankings and traffic.
- Keywords are, without a shadow of doubt, the key of online marketing – in both SEO and SEM.
- Keyword discovery and optimization is an ongoing task not just one time project.
- Always be building and optimizing the keyword buckets: Informational, Navigational and Transactional.
- Relevant content is the king. Cliche? Oh, well.
- Anyone passionate about writing and who knows about the company and products can be writers/bloggers. Check around in office, you may not need a professional writers.  Get that content and publish it. Inject SEO into your content.
- Links are still the backbone of SEO
- Building Links has become “Building Relationship”, meaning, link building is harder. Who knew, you would need a disavow tool.
- Natural anchor text is a must – anchor texts needs to be evenly distributed between brand terms, keywords and general phrases.
- Building quality links back to a website is getting tougher and don’t be discouraged.
- Reach out to authors via phone and build relationship. Cannot call? How about following them on Twitter or Google+. and reaching out via Social Media?
- Don’t buy links.
- Ad Spend is increasing in adWords and adCenter alike. Means, it works on Search Engines.
- Facebook ads are still evolving, no one has figured out how to make them work yet.
- Game changer is the Google Product Ads – They are working well, both for merchants and for Google, if you know what I mean.
- Due to success of Google PLAs, Bing is following suit, despite all the anti-Google campaigning.
- Don’t forget Amazon – it has its own suite of marketing avenues – Marketplace, Product listing ads and more. Amazon is the greatest threat to Google, that’s probably why, Google had to invent Product Listing Ads.
The State of Digital Marketing
- As this recession seems to be getting over (or not), ad spend seems to be growing exponentially. Google ad spend for 2013 is looking to have a significant jump compared to the last few years.
- Ad re-targeting has established itself as an effective marketing tactic in the industry. You will notice ads are following you everywhere.
- Only 40% of businesses are using video, and it’s expected to grow a lot. Invest on videos on Product pages.
- Allocate 5-10% of online budget for experimentation and testing. Goals of some PPC campaigns would be to gain insight not conversion.
- Facebook is still trying to figure out how to make money (Eventually it will). Social Graph is an example of upcoming experiments on Facebook. ROI on Social Media is still hard to measure.
- Google Shopping or PLAs has changed the 1st page of Google and is impacting a lot of things, including SEO. Top 10 blue links as we know them, have already been increasing in value as in some cases, it is going to 7 links.
That’s all for the Pi Day Blog of 2013. Happy 3/14.

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