Google Advanced Search Commands – Obama Inauguration 2013

What “Advanced Search Commands” from Google has anything to do with Obama Inauguration?

We will see in few minutes. Let’s get started with some of the advanced Search Commands from Google.

Google as a Calculator
Who needs a calculator anymore in this information technology era?  Try simple math equations on Google Search bar directly. Such as

  • 555 * 5 = 2,775
  • 123+456-789 = -210
  • 7! = 5,040
  • Sin(30) = -0.988

There is a limit though.Try next one on your own! What do you would be the answer?
2,999,999,999,999,999 – 2,999,999,999,999,998 = __ (Google gives 0)
Now, do the same on Yahoo. And yahoo says 1! What does that say, hum?
Here is a fun line to remember – Google can work up to googol (10^100) approximately.


Google for Reverse Phone Look-up
Use the phonebook:XXX-XXX-XXXX command find to whom the phone number belongs to.

Google to find local time on cities around the world:
Simply type “time in city-name” such as in “time in sao paulo” or “time in pokhara”

Similarly, I am sure you have used Google to find the Exchange Rate, Movie in local theater, stock value or local temperature. Below are some more fun google commands.

Did you know if you search for “jfk bos”, you can instantly see flights from JFK (New York) to Logan, (Boston). Simply follow “AirportCode1 AirportCode2″.

Now, let’s get little bit more serious:

Search by Date Range
Q: What is the most elegant way to search for US presidents between 1800 and 1820?
May be this
A: US Presidents 1800…1820
Format is “Search query [date1]…[date2]“. (no spaces before or after … – with this font, it may seem there is space, but there isn’t.)

Search by File Type
Q: What is the most elegant way to search for pdf documents on US presidents between 1800 and 1820?
May be this
US Presidents 1800…1820 filetype:pdf
Similarly, “US Presidents 1800…1820 filetype:ppt”, results in all powerpoint presentations on the same query.

Advanced Google Commands used by SEO Professionals

Now, let’s get really serious. These are some the Google commands used by professionals in the SEO industry. Let’s take an example of a search term “obama inauguration 2013″. When I simply typed the search query without quotes on the Google search box, (as of writing this blog), I received “About 367,000,000 results“. These are all the pages Google can find in its index related to the search query entered in the search box.


Now, let’s try to find out more optimized sites which as consciously targeting this keyword.

Phrase Match Search: Just by adding double quotes around the search term,  “obama inauguration 2013″, now we are telling Google only search for the term where these 3 words occur in a same phrase. This bring the search results down to “About 3,010,000 results”. In simple words, only 3 million pages has the Phrase Match versus 367 million pages where the it was broad match.

InTitle and AllIntitle Search: Now, let’s see how of those 3 million pages have the search term “obama inauguration 2013″ in <title> tag of their page.

intitle:obama inauguration

2013 > About 3,820,000 results

intitle:"obama inauguration 2013"

> About 36,000 results > Wow, these must the most relevant results!

With AllInTitle, we can make it even more focused by making sure ALL the words from search query appear on the title tag of the page.

allintitle:obama inauguration 2013

> About 27,500 results

AllInTitle:"obama inauguration 2013"

> About 35,200 results

Going URL search with InURL and AllInURL

allinurl:obama inauguration 2013 >

About 30,300 results

allinurl:"obama inauguration 2013"

> Surprisingly, the number now is reduced to 19,500 results

Combining Google Commands – URL search and Title Search
You might think this is getting out of hand now, oh well. Do you think there are folks who have added our search term in the title of the page as well as in the url?

Pause. Don’t don’t peek below. Guess, the number of pages where “obama inauguration 2013″ is mentioned in the title tag as well as in the url.

Now run this command

allintitle:"obama inauguration 2013" inurl:"obama inauguration 2013"

I received, mere 163 results.

Make it even more stringent by saying just find me all the pages that has “Obama Inauguration 2013″ in the title tag as well as in the url full match. Copy/paste the command below into search result and see your yourself how many results do you get?

allintitle:"obama inauguration 2013" allinurl:"obama inauguration 2013"

If you ran this command on google, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by the result. Then, don’t forget to give me a shout at @uj2wal.

Amazing Google Commands!


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