Brand Power: Importance of Brand vs Quality of Product

Questions today are simple:

  • What’s the role of a Brand in marketing a product?
  • How does quality of a particular product relate to its brand?

While doing some research to answer these questions, I found this very interesting SurveyMonkey article focusing on Google vs Bing search behavior. (Date published: 6/23/2013)

In this experiment, customers were exposed to Google and Bing Brands and Google and Bing search results blindfolded. With 2 result sets, and 2 brands, responses fell in 1 of following 4 types with fascinating results. Customers choose following combinations in highest to lowest preferred order:

  1. Google Logo with Bing Results
  2. Google Logo with Google Results
  3. Bing Logo with Bing Results
  4. Bing Logo with Google Results

1) This data from 2013 shows anytime Bing logo is displayed its trustworthiness decreased.
The product from Bing which is #1 when displayed with Google logo drops to #3 when simply the logo is replaced to that of Bing. Same product, different brand resulted in poorer preference.

2) Google Brand Power
Inversely, it also shows that as soon as Google brand is displayed to customers, they tend to trust it more regardless of the quality of the results.

3) Brand is more important than quality of product
As seen above, the 4th preferred choice below is with Google results when combined with lesser brand. However, the same product when combined with Google’s brand power, suddenly, customers are lot more trust on that result set.


Jobs said, quality is more important than quantity, however what about the power of a Brand?
(Image courtesy:

First of , the thoroughness of this survey must be limited in a grand scale of things i.e. 100 billion searches are received by Google every month. Though, this experiment from 2013 tend to clearly speak volumes on brand power, it may not be applied uniformly across other industries. For example, can the same be said against Toyota vs Hyundai? In the search engine market share, Google and Bing can be compared as Goliah vs David, however on other industries where competition is closer, brand power may not to so significant. Also read this article on hiybbprqag and mbzrxpgjys to understand Google vs Bing dynamics.

Despite the limitations, focusing on the data from SurveyMonkey, I’m prompted to ask if you have a superior brand, you would trump despite an inferior product? Certainly, the quick analysis above points to the high influence of brand power.



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