Website Migration Checklist

5 Step Website Migration Checklist for Webmasters

Are you planning a website migration? This simple checklist will make your website migration headache free.
website migration best practices
Step 1) Keep the existing URLs as-is, as much as possible and over communicate this already with development team
  • The development team will replicate your existing category and product as well as CMS pages URLs as-is.
  • The HTML code may change in the source code, however, the URL and the content will remain as close to current as possible.
  • Treat this as a migration, not as a site enhancement for apple to apple comparison.
Step 2) Mapping of changes
  • If changes on the URL level are needed, you need to build a mapping of existing URLs to new ones. This 1:1 mapping is needed every time there are any changes.
  • We’d also have a log of all images as well in addition to the product pages and content pages.
  • This is extensive work and detail oriented project manager is recommended here.
  • Consider having a code freeze at certain time to stop adding content on the existing website.
Step 3) Set up redirection
  • We’d apply 301 Permanent Redirection from the old URLs to new ones
  • Based upon the server, technologies would be different however result is same – we’re looking HTTP 301 Permanent Redirection
Step 4) Update all marketing destination URLs
  • Update Paid ads destination URLs, as redirection is not good here
  • Same on PLA feeds
  • Amazon / Affiliate etc
  • Update Preferred Laning Page for Google / Bing under SEO
Step 5) Monitor 
  • Keeping URLs same will minimize your pain as the impact will limit to the source code HTML only.
  • Anytime, there is a change in URL, there will be a more noticeable impact. We have to monitor those changed urls and make sure you get back to where we were as quickly as possible.
  • Use GA / GWT / SEO software  to measure/monitor and take necessary steps as needed. Determine these KPIs beforehand with Management.
Follow these 5 Step Checklist for Website Migration which will help build your new website with least possible negative impact from Google from organic.

God speed!

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