Is having a video helpful for SEO?

How useful is a video for the success of SEO?

This is a commonly asked broad question in content marketing. The answer will really depend on your keyword, your industry and what your overall goals are on your page however GENERALLY SPEAKING, yes, having a video is helpful for your SEO.

How video helps SEO by focusing on customers and conversion?

Let’s imagine a context of a typical eCommerce experience, where the customer may land on the homepage or one of the categories pages. From there, they will find their way to a product page, where typically customers will see the product name, product image(s), product descriptions, price etc. In this scenario

  1. Video helps explain details about the product in a much better way than typical copy by focusing on the product features as well as the product features. A short 30 sec to 2 min videos are typically found here, which will engage the customers directly.
  2. Such engagement is even truer on a Mobile device, where due to the small real estate of the screen putting a large amount of content will not be of great user experience.
  3. Higer Conversion: When such product videos are present, my own A/B tests have shown that conversion rate with the page with video are 35% to 55% higher than the product page without video.

 How a video helps SEO by focusing on traffic?

  1. Depending upon the search query, you get few to a lot of listings with videos on the first page of google. For example, for recipe related queries, there is a quick answer and there are lots of videos. For such queries, your video helps generate new traffic to your website or video channel.
  2. Remember YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. So hosting a video on the YouTube is another avenue of exposing your brands to the new potential customers.
  3. Using metadata, you can tag your page where the video is embedded with specific video tags such as VideoObject. (Learn more at . This allows search engines to read and understand what’s on the video via rich content. This will help your page to rank higher, as this would be an additional ranking factor for google. Given the quality of video is high, further, it will help to rank higher.
  4. Video Sitemap: All the videos on a website can be collectively listed on a video XML sitemap. Once this video sitemap is submitted to Google via Search Console, this will increase both the indexation and ranking for the pages containing videos.

How a video helps by helping Dwell time?


  • Dwell time is determined as the time user has spent after she has found your website link on the Google’s search result page, clicked on it, visited the page, and then if coming back to the search results page.
  • Idea here is if the customer is visiting site A, quickly comes back to SERP and goes to Site B and stays there, it can be stipulated that site A provided an inferior experience for the searcher for her search query. At the same time, by having the visitor on the page longer, Google can assume that it met customers’ need in a better way. This concept of Dwell time is not directly available to digital marketers while SEs may collect it for all kinds of keywords to test and improve their search rankings.
  • By simply having a video on the right places, a website can improve their Dwell time. Please note, Dwell time is not Time on Page. Dwell time measures is based upon the time as well as user interaction with the website. Video purely by its presence and engagement will help the page get better Dwell Time, thereby helping SEO.


As we can see above, there are 3 ways video will help overall SEO. First and foremost, a video helps SEO by generating new traffic by video search or video queries as it helps to be found by customers directly on Google, or on YouTube. Secondly, a page with a great video content will help the conversion on a page, be in a pure e-commerce page or a form submission in case a lead generation. Finally, a video impacts the dwell time, which is a factor used by Google and Bing to measure the relative effectiveness of websites to meet customers’ needs per each query.

So whenever applicable, creating and hosting a video with great content should be a part of the digital marketing mix for all business online.

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