How To Drive Traffic To Blog and Website?

At the top of the sales funnel traffic to the website is paramount to the success of the website and your eCommerce. What if you built a great website, content rich blog and a product rich eCommerce platform, but there is no or limited traffic? The goal of this blog here is to identify various ways of traffic generation to the blog, to webpages, and to the eCommerce site as a whole.

SEO, Link Building, and Traffic Generation
There are some inherent differences between SEO, Link Building, and Traffic Generation from high-level goals point of view.

  • SEO:- The goal of SEO is primarily to improve ranking on Search Engines. Traffic will increase by the merit of higher rankings.
  • Link Building: Link Building is an offsite element of search engine optimization. Primary goal of link building exercises have been to increase the number of inbound links to targeted pages on website with relevant (read as optimized) anchor texts. Follow and No-Follow links differentiate between links with SEO value or the links just for Traffic Generation.
  • Traffic Generation: Unlike, SEO and Link-building which have long term impact on the traffic and ranking of the website, traffic generation is focused on relatively shorter time period. While SEO and link building strategies takes weeks/months to implement and to come to fruition, traffic generation strategies are focused built within days, hours or even minutes (in the age of social media).

Driving Traffic to Blog and Website

12 ideas to drive traffic to blog and website

Since it’s not 1999 anymore, driving traffic to a modern website has changed quite a bit. Some of the techniques that used to get implemented in past with a huge success are now producing marginal or in some cases no effect. So depending upon the industry, type of content and objective of the content marketing, some of the following methods might work better than others. Also keep in mind that some of the previous techniques used quite successfully have recently been frowned upon by Google and caution must be exercised to make sure to avoid any negative impact.

Here are dozen new ideas that have successfully driven traffic to websites in various industries with different goals in both B2B as well as B2C.

  • Social Bookmarking Websites – Digg, Delicious, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Diigo (what?)
  • Microdata Benefits including Authorship: Google+  rel=author, rel=publisher
  • Video SEO – Schema (Custom videos like GHS videos, as well as Automated videos like Product Videos)
  • Social Media offer a direct of direct interaction but is resource intensive.
  • Twitter Search
  • Blog Commenting – Find the relevant blog, offer thoughtful comments that adds value
  • Forum Commenting- Name as a link, content only has value (no links)
  • LinkedIn – Join forums, Offer value
  • Promote Guest Bloggers via Social
  • Email Marketing:  Turbo charge the content marketing with outgoing email marketing
  • Build Downloadable white papers that we can use in Resource Center from existing blogs
  • Questions and Answers: Yahoo Answers and Quora
  • Affiliate marketing / PPC / Banners

 Which method to choose to drive traffic?

Easy answer would be ALL OF ABOVE, if you have enough resources. The right answer will most likely depend on type of industry, targeted audience and many other factors.


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