Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims Through Save One Life

As we all know, Nepal has experienced a massive earthquake of 7.8 richter scale on 5/25/2015.  The main tremor which lasted over a minute, which has been followed by 100+ aftershocks. (1906 San Francisco earthquake was in the 7.7–7.9 magnitude.) As of writing of these lines, more than 5,000 lives have been lost, thousands are still unaccounted for. Millions of people are out of their houses and are camping on open grounds. Today is day 5 after the first earthquake and finally some clarity is coming out of the devastated country.

After few days of chaos and uncertainly, we are in panic state of helping and fundraising. So first of, thank you everyone for your kind donations and spreading the word through all channels possible.

While American Red Cross and Americare and others are already doing a lot of heavy lifting of help, I want to focus here on how Save One Life is helping.

Helping through Save One Life

Donate though Save One Life

As the Chairman of the board and a founding member of Save One Life, I have worked very closely with Nepal Hemophilia Society (NHS) for past 15+ years. After this devastation, finally after 5 days, I have been able to get in touch with few NHS members and getting better view of the reality. Good news is electricity is slowly being restored which is opening up communication lines. This has allowed us to get in touch with folks from Kathmandu, however not everyone has come in contact yet.

Good news first. Majority of NHS executives and their immediate families are fine. NHS office building is OK with minor issues only. Small tremors are still being felt so the office was opened today just for a while. From next few days, hopefully the office will be open for longer hours which will open up direct communication to rest of the world.

List of bad news is long. Sanumaiya Kapali who was involved in mother committee and hemophilia care unit has been one of the earliest victims of the earthquake. She was at the blood bank at the core of the city when the earthquake began where she passed away. In Nuwakot, Ramkhrishna’s mother, sister and 8 year old daughter were killed while Ram and his sister were injured but survived. Santosh Pun from Dang had a major head injury and currently in hospital (possibly needing surgery). There is a long list of folks with injuries who are hospitalized. At least 3 families from Bhaktapur area have completely lost their houses so far. Folks from Sindupalchow district have not yet come in contact which is one of the hardest hit areas, making it VERY worrying part.

What they need?
1) Factor for people in hospital. Factor IX is in dire need. Factor VIII is also in low stock. BTW, FedEx is now providing free shipping to Nepal.
2) Most people are still in shelters – so tent, food/water, and clothing specifically for those who have become homeless
3) Medical treatment – folks from remote areas are now in hospital in Kathmandu, with little of no support from family
4) Funerals are being completed (Not sure how can we help there, logistics wise)
5) Others: such as fixing damage on houses

How to help?
1) Donate by visiting –
2) Share the word: Share in your facebook, twitter use the hashtag – #SaveOneLifeForNepal
3) Forward this link or our appeal email to your friends, families and colleagues

Richter Scale – logarithmic nature and devastation
8 Richter Magnitude earthquake is equivalent to 20 billion kilograms of dynamite.

Nepal - 7.8, San Francisco 7.7

Thank you very MUCH for your compassion at this time of need for my motherland.

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