2013: The Year of Blogging

I have set many lofty goals for 2013.

One of those is to blog regularly in 2013. I’ve promised to myself to blog on various areas of Internet Marketing. It’s almost end of the first month and I still “had to find time” to post my first blog. Disappointing, isn’t it? Oh well, on the official day of blue Monday (which is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year), I had to do something to break this pessimism. And here I did – I set up “Categories” for my blog topics. Cool, isn’t it?

Honestly, this is not really a true blog per se, however, at the least I have now begun to define the categories for my future blogs. At this moment, they include followings, not in any particular order, and hey, they may change anytime without notice:

Core Internet Marketing Categories:

  • Search Engine Optimization Trends – SEO
  • Search Engine Marketing Opportunities – SEM
  • AdWords and AdCenter
  • Technical Optimization of a website – Well, focus on crawl-ability and bot-friendly website
  • Webmaster Tools and its hidden secrets
  • Analytics and it use in Internet Marketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Web Design and Web Development
  • WordPress – Web design and/or blog design on WordPress as well as WordPress SEO

Upcoming Categories:

  • Amazon Marketplace (If you cannot fight them, join them strategy!)
  • Google Shopping and other feed based shopping Engine
  • Google Trusted Store – Help Google help you!
  • Video SEO
  • Voice of Customer (VOC)
  • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing
  • Social Media – Oh! Are you on Facebook?
  • I am sure I will adding few new cool topics here later

The Most Interesting Categories:

The most interesting category, I am thinking is going to be “SEO for CEOs”. This is one of the most under-emphasized areas of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) especially in medium to large businesses. Lot more to come here.

Thanks for stopping by and well, there is not much to discuss as of yet, however when you feel ready, I’m sure I will receive your feedback via the comments section below or via Twitter at @uj2wal.

Let 2013 be the lofty year for all of you!





About Ujjwal Bhattarai

Ujjwal is an engineer by education, a programmer by hobby, and an internet marketer by choice. Other than 1 minute chess, and biking, his passion includes SEO, SEM/PPC, CRO, and Web Development. As a lifelong student of Internet Development, he is hopelessly addicted to Internet, and sincerely believes after fire, wheel, and decimal point, internet is the fourth most important invention in the human history. Catch up with him on Twitter at @uj2wal or at his Google+ .

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