YouTube Video Marketing Tips For Better User Experience

YouTube Video Marketing Tips

link-to-specific-time-youtube-video Read about TrueView Video Marketing and whether you’ve set up TrueView already or not, these YouTube video tips will help you control the presentation of your YouTube Video in a much more robust way.

Collectively, these video tips will present a much better user experience that will possibly result in higher conversion rate.


  • How to remove related videos at the end of your own video?
    When you complete your video and play it for the first time, you’ll notice that at the end of the video, YouTube displays other related videos. More than likely, you’d find this distracting for your visitors. Same thing will happen if you embed your YouTube Videos on your landing pages in your website.The solution to this is simple. Simply concatenate rel=0 on the YouTube URL. It can be done via the YouTube interface by NOT selecting “Show Related Videos” under “more” options in embed or by simply editing the url manually.If the original URL was the updated URL should be

  • How to auto-play your video, should you want to do it?

    Normally, I advise against auto-playing video. However auto-playing video is picking up a lot in trend (e.g. cnn or espn, it’s a different story), so if there is a genuine need for us to set YouTube Videos to auto play, we can achieve it by appending query string parameter autoplay=1.If the original URL was

    then the updated URL with autoplay should be

    Next, let’s say if we want to combine NO RELATED VIDEO with AUTO-PLAY, then the updated URL would look like
  • How to auto-hide Video Control once the video is in play mode?

    We can achieve this by using autohide=0|1|2.

    -> If we set up the url querystring parameter as ?autohide=0, player control will be visible the whole time.
    -> URL querystring parameter as ?autohide=1, will HIDE the player controls.
    -> URL querystring parameter as ?autohide=2, is the default player control.

  • How to automatically replay the video once the video ends?

    Replaying video automatically is possible by appending URL parameter loop=1.In example below, the video with VideoID=abc123xyz will keep on playing forever. If the loop=1 is applied to a playlist, entire playlist will replay.
  • How to automatically start video at the certain time period instead of at the start?
    This is very common specially on longer video. In many cases, we’d need to send visitors to certain time-frame directly instead of at the very start of the video. The useful trick for this is by appending start=x, where x = seconds. In following example, the video will start right away at 25 second mark.


YouTube also offers much more robust controls using YouTube API, which are bit more complex. For all general purposes, by simply appending correct URL querystring parameters, we can easily hide related videos, auto-play videos, auto show/hide controls as well as send visitors to specific point in view.

With these tips, wish you happy video marketing in YouTube!



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