True Omnichannel Customer Experience With Offline Attribution

How to build a truly omnichannel customer experience?

Gone are the days when there was a singular way to make a purchase. Due to the explosion in technology, ways customers buy any product whether it’s B2C or B2B has evolved exponentially, making lives of marketers complex. Omnichannel Customer Experience involves online and offline sources/mediums, a combination of multiple devices (desktop / tablet / mobile), location (work / home), websites and direct mail catalogs etc to understand the customer journey so brands can present the best possible customer experience for all. Omni-channel marketing is far beyond complex than multi-channel marketing as it involves a much more deeper level of personalization to the customer on their preferred way to communicate to the brand.


“Brady Corp has caught the elusive white whale we’ve all been chasing: true online-offline marketing ROI attribution.”

Role of Offline Attribution in True Omnichannel Customer Experience

This blog post is based upon “Questions and Answers” conducted by Invoca with me a few months ago, where I have attempted to outline how we were able to bridge the gap between Online and Offline marketing ROI attribution.

Watch the short video:

Topics included in Omni-channel Marketing Questions and Answers

  • How important are phone calls in your customers’ paths to purchase?
  • How do you get closed loop revenue attribution with Invoca? Why is this so important?
  • What specific call intelligence data points do you find most valuable?
  • etc

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