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Video Marketing with TrueView Video From YouTube

For digital marketers, trend of rising demand for Video Marketing is evident specially on Mobile devices to drive more traffic to the websites. YouTube TrueView Video Ad format is one of those means for marketers to capture video as a medium to drive RELEVANT traffic. The emphasis on the word relevant is important because with TrueView, marketers only pay for videos that are watched.

Types of TrueView Video

YouTube offers 2 forms of videos marketing

  1. TrueView In-stream: These are the ones we notice on YouTube which play before/after other vidoes, where after 5 seconds the ad could be skipped. If viewers watch first 30 second of video or clicked on it, then only it incurs the cost.
  2. TrueView Video Discovery Just like Paid Ads, these video ads kick in when there is a search for related keywords. Marketers pay only when viewers click on the video ad.

Success Metrics for TrueView

Even before the campaign is started, how we define success of video marketing using TrueView format should be pre-determined. Success could be established as one of more of the followings:

  • Brand lift: How many viewers were exposed to awareness/consideration to the brand?
  • Conversion Rate: Do we want viewers to go to our product pages or watch full length another YouTube video?
  • CPA, CPC, CPV: Can we improve our Cost per Acquisition while reducing our Cost per Click? What’s the trend line of Cost per View?
  • Engagement and Subscribers: Are we gaining comments, likes, and most importantly new subscribers?

Spend on TrueView from Retailer:



As we can see on the data provided by eMarketer, the spend on digital video ad has been increasing recently. Walmart for example has increased video ad spend over 400% from Q1 to Q4 in 2015. In terms of actual dollar amount, Target is catching up with Walmart.

Google itself has provided excellent resources on how to create TrueView Video Campaign, which should be an natural first step towards building one. There is a helpful document for Google Shopping Trueview Video as well.


In next blog, I’m going to focus on few technical video marketing tips while working with YouTube Videos, used with or without TrueView.

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