How to Attribute Inbound Calls to Paid Search Campaigns

Classic Attribution Gap in Digital Marketing

Attribution is a classic problem in Digital Marketing and it’s even worse when it’s time to build attribution between Phone Calls and Online Marketing Campaigns.

This blog is based upon the case study and the video published by Invoca. Other similar case studies have been completed with

  • Keary Phillips, Director of Digital Marketing, Allstate
  • Brennie Conkle, VP of Paid Search & Digital Capabilities Marketing, SunTrust
  • Jason Owen, VP of Acquisition Marketing, Vivint
  • Dan Altman, Marketing Manager, Empire Today

This is even more so critical when a significant amount of business takes place over the phone from customers who would prefer to complete their transaction with a sales agent than online. With so much revenue coming from phone calls, there much be a way to see which campaigns and keywords were driving these phone calls.

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Attribution all the way to ROI: Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal would be to determine the true ROI of paid search campaigns by accounting for online spend and efforts. Meaning, the solution would need to provide visibility into what paid campaigns are generating how many phone calls and at what conversion rate each order is coming in so with the AOV (Average Order Value), total revenue could be evaluated and attributed to the paid campaigns.

This technological solution lied on unique phone numbers being associated with paid campaigns. The result of which is an ability to capture the keyword, campaign, and call duration for each call referred by a paid search ad, and integrate this data with their analytics. Once this offline view is combined with a known online view in Adwords and Adcenter, complete picture of paid search performance was visible. The case study is here.

Summary: Marketing Technology provides solution

This is a testament on how technological solutions can help solve ages long problems and bridge the gap. This knowledge can empower the digital marketing team to make any critical changes necessary in all mediums such as paid channel, or email marketing.

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