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BingBots or MSNBots Over-crawling to Bring the Site Down?

BingBots or MSNBots Over-crawling? There are instances when bots from Bing or MSN are overcrawling the website crippling the website to be too very slow or even cause it to do down. What generally happens? Microsoft Bing web crawlers sometimes get “out of control crawling mode” causing websites to go down. (Why? Ask Microsoft. I [...]

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Google Search Volume Data Merged – Digital Marketers Sabotaged Further

Google Search Volume Data Merged РDigital Marketers Sabotaged Further This is a VERY Important update.  Significant changes have taken place in Google universe for all those who are involved in Digital Marketing РOrganic and Paid. Now, Google has started to MERGE the search volume for similar terms in Keyword Planner. This brings up [...]

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