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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for eCommerce

Notes on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for eCommerce  As AMP as in Accelerated Mobile Pages is getting mainstream, Google has started to report analytics in Search Console and consumers have started to experience with AMP on their mobile devices on an extremely frequent period. As seen on the example below, the news publishing sites practically must have [...]

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True Omnichannel Customer Experience With Offline Attribution

How to build a truly omnichannel customer experience? Gone are the days when there was a singular way to make a purchase. Due to the explosion in technology, ways customers buy any product whether it’s B2C or B2B has evolved exponentially, making lives of marketers complex. Omnichannel Customer Experience involves online and offline sources/mediums, a [...]

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Google’s Rich Dad’s vs Poor Dad’s Search Volume Data

Google Sabotage of the Search Data First, you had read about Google sabotaging the search data here. As Google had promised, now we have 2 types of data from Google. In lack of better terms, let’s call those: Rich Dad’s Search Data vs Poor Dad’s Search Data Welcome to Google’s Rich Dad’s vs Poor Dad’s [...]

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How to Attribute Inbound Calls to Paid Search Campaigns

Classic Attribution Gap in Digital Marketing Attribution is a classic problem in Digital Marketing and it’s even worse when it’s time to build attribution between Phone Calls and Online Marketing Campaigns. This blog is based upon the case study and the video published by Invoca. Other similar case studies have been completed with Keary Phillips, [...]

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What is Dwell Time for SEO?

Dwell Time SEO Mystery

Dwell Time – The Mysterious SEO Factor Today, when we’re discussing about new and upcoming SEO ranking factors to optimize for, we can list quite a few terms/technologies that were not present just a few years ago. Such as Page Speed Mobile Friendliness BrainRank Natural Language HTTPS Micro-moments Voice Search AMP HTML Dwell Time – [...]

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YouTube Video Marketing Tips For Better User Experience

YouTube Video Marketing Tips Read about TrueView Video Marketing and whether you’ve set up TrueView already or not, these YouTube video tips will help you control the presentation of your YouTube Video in a much more robust way. Collectively, these video tips will present a much better user experience that will possibly result in higher [...]

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TrueView Video Marketing Tips

Video Marketing with TrueView Video From YouTube For digital marketers, trend of rising demand for Video Marketing is evident specially on Mobile devices to drive more traffic to the websites. YouTube TrueView Video Ad format is one of those means for marketers to capture video as a medium to drive RELEVANT traffic. The emphasis on [...]

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Digital Marketing Acronym Quiz – Analyzing Common Misconceptions

Digital Marketing Acronyms / SEO Quiz In the beginning of August 2016  at, I wanted to share some interesting insights on digital marketer’s common misconceptions. This analysis is based  upon quiz driven data by Search Engine Watch to see how well digital marketer knew “SEO abbreviations”. Since, the acronyms included broader topics than SEO involving [...]

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BingBots or MSNBots Over-crawling to Bring the Site Down?

BingBots or MSNBots Over-crawling? There are instances when bots from Bing or MSN are overcrawling the website crippling the website to be too very slow or even cause it to do down. What generally happens? Microsoft Bing web crawlers sometimes get “out of control crawling mode” causing websites to go down. (Why? Ask Microsoft. I [...]

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Google Search Volume Data Merged – Digital Marketers Sabotaged Further

Google Search Volume Data Merged – Digital Marketers Sabotaged Further This is a VERY Important update.  Significant changes have taken place in Google universe for all those who are involved in Digital Marketing – Organic and Paid. Now, Google has started to MERGE the search volume for similar terms in Keyword Planner. This brings up [...]

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