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Worst Mistakes on Presentation

5 Worst Mistakes To Avoid On A Business Presentation

This blog is a note to myself on how to avoid possibly the worst 5 mistakes on a business presentation. This is inspired by a real event that happened earlier today on how poor preparation ruins a business presentation. Scenario: Our team was on a meeting with a service provider whose representative was visiting us [...]

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Use of rel=”nofollow” for SEO: How and Why?

Today, I’m going to summarize observations on technical ways to generate hyper links,  use of rel=”nofollow” on anchor tag, and it’s impact on SEO and sometimes even on user experience. What is rel=”nofollow”? Let’s start with a typical hyperlink which would look as follows: <a href=”url-goes-here” title=”describe-link-here”>Anchor-Text-Goes-Here</a> If we add a a value of “nofollow” [...]

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