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Google Product Ads 2013 Trends – Google Shopping ROI Analysis

Google Product Listing Ads, aka Google PLA aka Google Shopping are probably the hottest topic on online marketing in recent months. Paid Google Product Listing Ads Ever since Google moved to paid Product Listing Ads, they have captured attention of online marketers due to its placement, displaying product image, and obvious differences from typical adWords [...]

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Internal Linking Architecture in an E-Commerce Environment

Internal linking is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization in all kinds of websites whether they are eCommerce, lead generation or just informative websites. Regardless of the objective of a website, internal linking structure needs to be created in such a way that it helps to meet the stated goal. Identify Goals of a [...]

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Future of Online Marketing – 2013 Trends In Digital Marketing

Where is online marketing going in 2013?   If you are a owner of a small business with online marketing, or a CEO of a company doing eCommerce, you certainly care about online marketing trends of 2013. Time to time, you must be reviewing ongoing and future trends on various components of online marketing such [...]

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Differences in AdWords Search Volume and WebMaster Tools Search Queries

Sometimes availability of data is not the problem; correct interpretation is. The question we want to address today is – what’s the difference in numbers from “AdWords Search Volume” and “Web Master Tools Search Queries”? AdWords Search Volume is the de-facto source of data to begin keyword research. Any internet marketer in SEO or PPC [...]

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Benefits of 301 Redirects for SEO

What’s a better day in the entire year to talk about benefits of 301 Redirects on SEO than on 3/01/2013? What Are HTTP Headers? Before we jump into the details, a quick technical primer on HTTP headers is probably useful. On technical jargon, the way Internet works is based upon a “Request and Response” model. [...]

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