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googlebot wants to css, js, and images

Google Reads JavaScript: It’s NOT Your Dad’s Google Anymore

On Oct 27, 2014 Google updated Webmaster Guidelines, which I think is pretty significant. “For optimal rendering and indexing, our new guideline specifies that you should allow Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS, and image files that your pages use.” What this means is today’s Google is not your Dad’s Google anymore, that relied simply [...]

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Brand power: Brand vs Quality

Brand Power: Importance of Brand vs Quality of Product

Questions today are simple: What’s the role of a Brand in marketing a product? How does quality of a particular product relate to its brand? While doing some research to answer these questions, I found this very interesting

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Do you have Google Reviews? Local Search is Transformed …

User Ratings recently became critical in Internet Marketing Google Reviews transform Local Search with Above-fold Local Display Google recently launched a scrollable display bar with local search results that can be sorted by user ratings. See  below. When I searched for “Guitar lesson Orange CT”, below is what I received. If you search for “Pizza [...]

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On exploreb2b: Future of SEO after “100% Not Provided” and Myths

SMX East in New York is one of the biggest and greatest event for online marketers and this year was not an exception. Just days before SMX East was starting Google dropped “100% not provided” bomb on SEOs that changed the landscape for ever. Just before heading to SMX, here is an article I wrote [...]

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Google Survey Questions

Google Begins SERP Survey

Google is now running surveys on its SERP.  I just did a quick search on Trusted Stores Badge, and voila, a Google Survey popped up. See below. It consists of following options: Very Satisfied to Very Dissatisfied, basically 5 options in decreasing order. Submit the survey, and Google will thank you and the “pop-up” disappears.   [...]

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Google Analytics International Space Station April 1st Joke

Do you think folks at Google has way too much time on their hand? You would not think so, right? Check out on what’s found on Google Analytics today on Real Time Overview section – 41 visitors from International Space Station! Where? International Space Station!! Let’s see the breakdown on Google Analytics to see how [...]

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Google Advanced Search Commands – Obama Inauguration 2013

What “Advanced Search Commands” from Google has anything to do with Obama Inauguration? We will see in few minutes. Let’s get started with some of the advanced Search Commands from Google. Google as a Calculator Who needs a calculator anymore in this information technology era?  Try simple math equations on Google Search bar directly. Such [...]

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