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7 Steps for Best Meta Descriptions for eCommerce Websites

For any eCommerce website, the value of Meta Description is for CTR (Click-Though-Rate) from the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). So a high-quality Meta Description, properly displayed on Google and Bing search results, can directly translate to traffic and revenue. ¬†Therefore eCommerce merchants should not be ignoring value of unique Meta Description as it’s directly [...]

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Use of rel=”nofollow” for SEO: How and Why?

Today, I’m going to summarize observations on technical ways to generate hyper links,¬† use of rel=”nofollow” on anchor tag, and it’s impact on SEO and sometimes even on user experience. What is rel=”nofollow”? Let’s start with a typical hyperlink which would look as follows: <a href=”url-goes-here” title=”describe-link-here”>Anchor-Text-Goes-Here</a> If we add a a value of “nofollow” [...]

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How To Drive Traffic To Blog and Website?

At the top of the sales funnel traffic to the website is paramount to the success of the website and your eCommerce. What if you built a great website, content rich blog and a product rich eCommerce platform, but there is no or limited traffic? The goal of this blog here is to identify various [...]

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Internal Linking Architecture in an E-Commerce Environment

Internal linking is an integral part of Search Engine Optimization in all kinds of websites whether they are eCommerce, lead generation or just informative websites. Regardless of the objective of a website, internal linking structure needs to be created in such a way that it helps to meet the stated goal. Identify Goals of a [...]

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Benefits of 301 Redirects for SEO

What’s a better day in the entire year to talk about benefits of 301 Redirects on SEO than on 3/01/2013? What Are HTTP Headers? Before we jump into the details, a quick technical primer on HTTP headers is probably useful. On technical jargon, the way Internet works is based upon a “Request and Response” model. [...]

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How Not To Be Found On Google – No SEO

Everyone has this question – How can I be found on Google, when they search for my name or my keywords? What if you don’t want to be found? Interesting question, right? There may be legitimate reasons that you may want to maintain a great website but want to stay low on Google radar. (Sounds [...]

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