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Is having a video helpful for SEO?

How useful is a video for the success of SEO? This is a commonly asked broad question in content marketing. The answer will really depend on your keyword, your industry and what your overall goals are on your page however GENERALLY SPEAKING, yes, having a video is helpful for your SEO. How video helps SEO [...]

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website migration best practices

Website Migration Checklist

5 Step Website Migration Checklist for Webmasters Are you planning a website migration? This simple checklist will make your website migration headache free. Step 1) Keep the existing URLs as-is, as much as possible and over communicate this already with development team The development team will replicate your existing category and product as well as CMS [...]

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Are There Organic Listings Above the Fold?

How to make SEO and SEM work together? I happened to search for a “msds binder” in Google and the first page listings inspired me to write this blog. As SEOs, digital marketers have been using following data points to track and optimize what their visitors search for and how their websites are performing on [...]

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AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for eCommerce

Notes on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for eCommerce  As AMP as in Accelerated Mobile Pages is getting mainstream, Google has started to report analytics in Search Console and consumers have started to experience with AMP on their mobile devices on an extremely frequent period. As seen on the example below, the news publishing sites practically must have [...]

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Google’s Rich Dad’s vs Poor Dad’s Search Volume Data

Google Sabotage of the Search Data First, you had read about Google sabotaging the search data here. As Google had promised, now we have 2 types of data from Google. In lack of better terms, let’s call those: Rich Dad’s Search Data vs Poor Dad’s Search Data Welcome to Google’s Rich Dad’s vs Poor Dad’s [...]

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What is Dwell Time for SEO?

Dwell Time SEO Mystery

Dwell Time – The Mysterious SEO Factor Today, when we’re discussing about new and upcoming SEO ranking factors to optimize for, we can list quite a few terms/technologies that were not present just a few years ago. Such as Page Speed Mobile Friendliness BrainRank Natural Language HTTPS Micro-moments Voice Search AMP HTML Dwell Time – [...]

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Content Curation and its Role in Content Strategy

Should you create content or curate content? Let’s start with what is Content Curation? The “content” in the cliche “Content is King“, can come from 2 sources – first, your own original content or second, content that is sourced from elsewhere. If the content is coming from outside sources by means of pure algorithmic processes, [...]

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Google “Quick Answers” 101

Google Quick Answers: New Frontier on SERP For all digital marketers involved in content creation and curation, today I want to touch upon a new frontier on Google SERP – “Quick Answers“, which provides a great opportunity on content creation and traffic generation. What is Google Quick Answer(s)? (Also called “Google Answer Box”) Recently, Google has [...]

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Will HTTP vs HTTPS Duplicate Content Hurt SEO?

It’s a colossal question right? Will or will not duplicate content hurt SEO rankings? If yes, how does it? Look at this keyword ranking report, and you’ll notice Google is telling the webmaster – “I”m terribly confused … Help me understand what’s going on here …”. Meaning, not knowing which url to pick between HTTP [...]

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Impact of Site Speed on Number of Indexed Pages on Google

It’s rare that we get clear evidence of how Google works. Here is a theory: We know that higher page-load-time is not good for any website specially large eCommerce sites. Higher page load time normally will: Increases bounce rate Reduces conversion rate Impacts revenue Decreases SERP All of the above and _______ ?! In addition to [...]

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