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Ad Blockers and the Future of Paid Marketing

Is Ad-blocking killing digital marketing? How to survive blocked ads? Recently, many digital marketer are waking up in the morning hit by marketing crisis in the form of ad blocker success, threatening to render current paid marketing strategies useless. Many of us get annoyed by Ads. Are all Online Ads evil? Advertising is essential for [...]

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Google Product Ads 2013 Trends – Google Shopping ROI Analysis

Google Product Listing Ads, aka Google PLA aka Google Shopping are probably the hottest topic on online marketing in recent months. Paid Google Product Listing Ads Ever since Google moved to paid Product Listing Ads, they have captured attention of online marketers due to its placement, displaying product image, and obvious differences from typical adWords [...]

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3 PPC Crimes – SEM Blunders To Avoid

Earlier today, I somehow stumbled upon this article on Search Engine Watch on “3 Big PPC Mistakes Even Pros Make”. Interestingly, I never made any of the 3 big mistakes outlined in the Search Engine Watch article. This inspired me to take a few minutes to think about what would I consider my biggest blunders [...]

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