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Learning from Netflix on Freedom and Responsibility

Why Learn from Netflix about Freedom and Responsibility? No matter how you look at Netflix, it’s a great company – from industry shattering products, innovations that have changed human behavior  to building an excellent corporate culture,  that is now envy of all. Vacation Policy: Great example of Balance between Freedom and Responsibility Case in point [...]

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Nepal - 7.8, San Francisco 7.7

Helping Nepal Earthquake Victims Through Save One Life

As we all know, Nepal has experienced a massive earthquake of 7.8 richter scale on 5/25/2015.  The main tremor which lasted over a minute, which has been followed by 100+ aftershocks. (1906 San Francisco earthquake was in the 7.7–7.9 magnitude.) As of writing of these lines, more than 5,000 lives have been lost, thousands are [...]

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Google April 1st Joke on Adsense – Visits from Planets and Moons

Continuing its tradition of April Fool’s Jokes, this year, AdSense team in Google has come up with visits from planets and moons. It appears, I need more visitors from Earth. Currently Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, is ranking highest in terms of traffic and revenue. Here is a screenshot of Google’s April 1st [...]

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Worst Mistakes on Presentation

5 Worst Mistakes To Avoid On A Business Presentation

This blog is a note to myself on how to avoid possibly the worst 5 mistakes on a business presentation. This is inspired by a real event that happened earlier today on how poor preparation ruins a business presentation. Scenario: Our team was on a meeting with a service provider whose representative was visiting us [...]

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2013: The Year of Blogging

I have set many lofty goals for 2013. One of those is to blog regularly in 2013. I’ve promised to myself to blog on various areas of Internet Marketing. It’s almost end of the first month and I still “had to find time” to post my first blog. Disappointing, isn’t it? Oh well, on the [...]

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