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Do you need HTTPS on non-ecommerce websites?

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) has always been deployed on e-Commerce website as soon as the customer goes to the lower funnel in the checkout process. Primarily, the role of HTTPS was to protect credit card and other prominent personal information transmitting via a form by encrypting in the e-Commerce environment. Yes, that made [...]

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Invoca Call Intelligence Summit: Show Me the Money Award

Keynote Speech, Guest Presentation and an Award Ceremony at Invoca Call Intelligence Summit Here are few glimpses from the Call Intelligence Summit held in Santa Barbara, CA on Oct 2015. There were mainly 3 parts, where I was fortunate to represent my organization and the work it’s doing on technological and marketing front. 1) Keynote [...]

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Google Trusted Store: Simplified Integration for US Merchants

8 Changes on Google Trusted Stores: Simplified vs. Classic Model and who is benefited? March 04 2015 Google Trusted Stores program has been in the United States for few years now (see my old blog on Google Trusted Store 101) and come March 2015, Google has drastically changed the program. Keep in mind, this new [...]

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Learn Advanced Meta Description technique for ecommerce

7 Steps for Best Meta Descriptions for eCommerce Websites

For any eCommerce website, the value of Meta Description is for CTR (Click-Though-Rate) from the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). So a high-quality Meta Description, properly displayed on Google and Bing search results, can directly translate to traffic and revenue. ¬†Therefore eCommerce merchants should not be ignoring value of unique Meta Description as it’s directly [...]

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Google Trusted Stores 101 – How Google Trusted Stores Help eCommerce?

What is Google Trusted Store for Merchants? For Merchants, Google Trusted Stores is a free badging program that can improve conversion rate and average order value (AOV) by reassuring potential customers that you offer a great shopping experience. Think of it like an assurance given to customers directly by Google. So for shoppers, the Google [...]

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