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How to use Google Analytics Internal Site Search?

Google Analytics Internal Site Search Internal Site Search is one of the most useful yet most underutilized tools within the analytics platform. Ecommerce Merchants and digital marketers spend tons of money, and time to drive traffic to the websites based upon the keywords they have carefully curated, and nurtured however very few of them keep [...]

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Google Search Volume and Presidential Election 2016

Can search volume data from Google predict presidential election in 2016? As of writing of this blog post, Presidential Election fever is just getting started on both Republican and Democratic sides. As of now, GOP had 2 debates where as on Democratic side, the first debate has been just concluded. On these contexts, we’d look [...]

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Impact of HTTPS on Referral Data in Analytics

In previous blog, I discussed about checklist items to look at when moving from HTTP to HTTPS for technical and SEO reasons. In this second part of the HTTPS discussion, I’ll focus on impact of HTTPS on the referral data within Analytics platform such as Google Analytics. What will happen to your SEO traffic? Here [...]

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Custom Segments (Advanced Segments) in GA for Better Conversion Rate

If you have an eCommerce website, at some point, you must have thought about your conversion rate problem. You may or may not have traffic problem on your website, but everyone with eCommerce website has Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) problem. Even if you have 10% Conversion Rate, you can still help 90% of visitors convert better. [...]

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Google Analytics Event Tracking on Form Submission

Event Tracking in Google Analytics is a very useful way to analyze and monitor certain user behavior. What is Event Tracking? First thing first, certainly start with Google documentation on event tracking. Google does a great job explaining everything on their documentation. Basically, Event Tracking allows Internet Marketers to keep an eye on any mouse-click [...]

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