BingBots or MSNBots Over-crawling to Bring the Site Down?

BingBots or MSNBots Over-crawling? There are instances when bots from Bing or MSN are overcrawling the website crippling the website to be too very slow or even cause it to do down. What generally happens? Microsoft Bing web crawlers sometimes get “out of control crawling mode” causing websites to go down. (Why? Ask Microsoft. I [...]

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Google Search Volume Data Merged – Digital Marketers Sabotaged Further

Google Search Volume Data Merged – Digital Marketers Sabotaged Further This is a VERY Important update.  Significant changes have taken place in Google universe for all those who are involved in Digital Marketing – Organic and Paid. Now, Google has started to MERGE the search volume for similar terms in Keyword Planner. This brings up [...]

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Twitter and Klout Score: Measuring Success on Social Media

How to measure success on Social Media? One of the reasons, Social Media Marketing is “hard ” is because there is no easy way to measure success. It’s relatively easy to set-up KPI goals such as number of Likes, Followers, or even traffic and revenue to the website, however, to attribute social media impressions, likes [...]

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Google Image Search and Shopping via PLA Feed

New Era in Google PLA: Shopping directly on Google Images This blog will highlight on how to capitalize on the new opportunities of Google Image Search by focusing on 5 most important elements of the PLA feed with Image Search in mind. Google Image Search and Shopping via PLA Feed: What digital marketers need to [...]

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Domain Name Selection Principles

Importance of domain name – How to pick a great domain name? If you’re starting a new business on Internet, next to the product or service your business is going to offer, the first and foremost important detail you’d need to think about is the domain name of the website. Domain name becomes your major [...]

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Ad Blockers and the Future of Paid Marketing

Is Ad-blocking killing digital marketing? How to survive blocked ads? Recently, many digital marketer are waking up in the morning hit by marketing crisis in the form of ad blocker success, threatening to render current paid marketing strategies useless. Many of us get annoyed by Ads. Are all Online Ads evil? Advertising is essential for [...]

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netflix logo

Learning from Netflix on Freedom and Responsibility

Why Learn from Netflix about Freedom and Responsibility? No matter how you look at Netflix, it’s a great company – from industry shattering products, innovations that have changed human behavior  to building an excellent corporate culture,  that is now envy of all. Vacation Policy: Great example of Balance between Freedom and Responsibility Case in point [...]

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Content Curation and its Role in Content Strategy

Should you create content or curate content? Let’s start with what is Content Curation? The “content” in the cliche “Content is King“, can come from 2 sources – first, your own original content or second, content that is sourced from elsewhere. If the content is coming from outside sources by means of pure algorithmic processes, [...]

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How to use heatmaps?

How to use Heatmaps to Optimize Landing Pages and Product Pages

How to use Heatmaps for Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO)? Traffic Optimization is the key to the success on an eCommerce website by helping visitors convert. While tools like Adobe Omniture or Google Analytics tell digital marketers “WHAT” is happening on the website, they shed little insight into “WHY” aspects of customer behavior. That’s where Heatmap solutions [...]

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Invoca Call Intelligence Summit: Show Me the Money Award

Keynote Speech, Guest Presentation and an Award Ceremony at Invoca Call Intelligence Summit Here are few glimpses from the Call Intelligence Summit held in Santa Barbara, CA on Oct 2015. There were mainly 3 parts, where I was fortunate to represent my organization and the work it’s doing on technological and marketing front. 1) Keynote [...]

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