Google Trusted Store: Simplified Integration for US Merchants

8 Changes on Google Trusted Stores: Simplified vs. Classic Model and who is benefited? March 04 2015 Google Trusted Stores program has been in the United States for few years now (see my old blog on Google Trusted Store 101) and come March 2015, Google has drastically changed the program. Keep in mind, this new [...]

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Impact of HTTPS on Referral Data in Analytics

In previous blog, I discussed about checklist items to look at when moving from HTTP to HTTPS for technical and SEO reasons. In this second part of the HTTPS discussion, I’ll focus on impact of HTTPS on the referral data within Analytics platform such as Google Analytics. What will happen to your SEO traffic? Here [...]

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Moving to Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol? What needs to be reviewed? Google’s move to HTTPS On August 06, 2014, Google disclosed HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a ranking factor in SEO, rather unconventionally. Ever since, SEOs have started to wonder if moving to HTTPS is the right way to go mainly for SEO [...]

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WordPress 404 on Custom URL IIS 7

WordPress Custom URL Structure On IIS Within Shared Hosting like GoDaddy

(Understanding level: Advanced. This blog is not for faint of heart who are afraid to mess around with web.config files. Disclaimer: Incorrectly updating web.config can take your entire website down. So always take a backup before you start to edit web.config file.) How to successfully create custom URL structure within WordPress on IIS in a [...]

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Product Listing Ads - Merchant Center

PLA vs AdWords 2014

Is Product Listing Ads (PLAs) now the mainstream over AdWords? Early 2013, when Product Listing Ads were just being launched, I had predicted that eventually PLAs will catch up and take over the text ads. Looks like that time has come in less than 18 months. Recently, AdGooRoo reported data from 20 big PPC spenders [...]

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googlebot wants to css, js, and images

Google Reads JavaScript: It’s NOT Your Dad’s Google Anymore

On Oct 27, 2014 Google updated Webmaster Guidelines, which I think is pretty significant. “For optimal rendering and indexing, our new guideline specifies that you should allow Googlebot access to the JavaScript, CSS, and image files that your pages use.” What this means is today’s Google is not your Dad’s Google anymore, that relied simply [...]

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Brand power: Brand vs Quality

Brand Power: Importance of Brand vs Quality of Product

Questions today are simple: What’s the role of a Brand in marketing a product? How does quality of a particular product relate to its brand? While doing some research to answer these questions, I found this very interesting

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Impact of Site Speed on Number of Indexed Pages on Google

It’s rare that we get clear evidence of how Google works. Here is a theory: We know that higher page-load-time is not good for any website specially large eCommerce sites. Higher page load time normally will: Increases bounce rate Reduces conversion rate Impacts revenue Decreases SERP All of the above and _______ ?! In addition to [...]

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Learn Advanced Meta Description technique for ecommerce

7 Steps for Best Meta Descriptions for eCommerce Websites

For any eCommerce website, the value of Meta Description is for CTR (Click-Though-Rate) from the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages). So a high-quality Meta Description, properly displayed on Google and Bing search results, can directly translate to traffic and revenue.  Therefore eCommerce merchants should not be ignoring value of unique Meta Description as it’s directly [...]

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Google April 1st Joke on Adsense – Visits from Planets and Moons

Continuing its tradition of April Fool’s Jokes, this year, AdSense team in Google has come up with visits from planets and moons. It appears, I need more visitors from Earth. Currently Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, is ranking highest in terms of traffic and revenue. Here is a screenshot of Google’s April 1st [...]

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